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Castable Refractories

Castable Refractories

Castable Refractories, Castables, or refractory concretes are predominantly dry, granular refractory mixes designed to be mixed on site with water and capable of curing to a stable dimensional form through hydraulic or chemical setting.

Castable refractories are particularly suited to the molding of special shapes and parts at the installation site. Castables can be used for forming complete furnace linings and other unique shapes. They can be applied by pouring, pumping, troweling, gunning, and shotcreting.

Catstables have the advantage of being readily usable at the operating temperature of the equipment after hydraulic or chemical setting and removal of all moisture has taken place.

Recently, a new form of Castable and new method of installation have been developed -- Self-flowing Castable, which may be poured with or without vibration and may be pumped, rammed, or troweled into place.

KT Refractories distributes all kinds of Castable Refractories and other refractory products of the best quality at the most competitive prices worldwide. We can produce Castable refractories according to your specifications and requirements. Our typical castables include but are not limited to:

  • Al2O3-SiC-C Iron Channel Refractory
  • Alkali-resistant Castable Refractory
  • Anti-skin Castable Refractory for Preheater
  • Corundum Spinel Castable Refractory
  • High Alumina Self-flow Castable Refractory
  • High-purity Alumina-chrome Castable Refractory
  • High-purity Corundum Castable Refractory
  • High Strength Corundum Castable Refractory
  • High strength, High Alumina Castable Refractory
  • Lightweight Insulating Castable Refractory
  • Mullite Castable Refractory
  • Steel Ladle Castable Refractory
  • View/download KT Refractories Castable Manual.

    Some additional castables' datasheets are listed, please contact us for more info:

  • AZS Castable Refractory
  • Calcium Aluminate Cement Refractory
  • Corundum Castable Refractory
  • Corundum Low cement Castable Refractory
  • Corundum Self-flowing Castable Refractory
  • Fireclay Castable Refractory
  • High Alumina Low Cement Castable Refractory
  • Light weight fireclay Castable
  • Mullite Low Cement Castable Refractory, view datasheet in the KT Refractories Castable Manual
  • Mullite Self-flowing Castable Refractory
  • Zircon Castable Refractory
  • Zircon-mullite Castable Refractory
  • Zircon-Mullite Ramming Mix Refractory
  • Self-flowing Castables Refractory
  • High Alumina Self-Flowing Castable, view datasheet in the KT Refractories Castable Manual
  • Mullite Self-Flowing Castable
  • Corundum Self-Flowing Castable
  • Insulating Self-Flowing Castable

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