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High Temperature Coating

High Temperature Coating

High Temperature Coating is refractory paint and heat resistant coating. It provides aesthetic and durable protection for many surfaces. Our High Temperature Coating has refractoriness up to 1400°F.

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High Temperature Coating Technical Data

Item High Temperature Coating
Al2O3 60~65%
Fe2O3 0.3~0.5%
Heating Shrinkage 1% (tested at 1350°C)
Average Density 1.7 kg/m3
Crushing Strength (MK) 3
Thermal Conductivity W/(mk) 0.5 (350°C)
Refractories 1400°C
Refractories under load 1350°C

Shelf Life:

6 months
  • Keep in dry place and keep the package sealed
  • After the package is opened, use up within 24 hours
  • Use Instruction:

  • Before using the coatings, clean the surface of products, remove the dusts and keep the working condition clean as well
  • Paint the coatings with brush on the surface of products and ensure the coatings is well-proportioned
  • The commended usage is 0.5-0.65 lbs/square feet, the usage can be adjusted according to the engineering design or request.
  • Instruct the workers to wear the necessary protective equipment such as glove, mask and glasses, wash the tools and clean the job site after construction