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KT Refractories is a factory direct distributor for a wide variety of high quality refractory products in main categories - high temperature insulation products, refractory products and refractory raw materials. For insulation products we have ceramic fiber blanket, bio soluble blankets, ceramic fiber bulk, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber modules, bio soluble fiber paper, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber ropes, insulating fire bricks (IFB) from 2300F to 2800F, insulating castable, etc. Most products come in different densities, temperature settings and dimensions.

Our refractory bricks come in standard and customized sizes: Alumina Bubble Brick, Alumina Spinel Bricks, AZS Bricks, Corundum Bricks, High Alumina Bricks, Fireclay Bricks, Insulating Fire Bricks, Low Porosity Fireclay Bricks, Mullite Bricks, Magnesite Bricks, Zircon Bricks, SiC Bricks, Acid bricks and many types of refractory castables. Common high alumina refractory bricks for example 70% alumina bricks, 99% bubble alumina bricks, clay firebricks, high alumina castable etc. products in stock. New items in stock - 70% alumina low iron hard cast castable; insulating castable, high alumina dry mortar; 80% calcuim aluminate cement; High Temperature Coating, High Temperature Rigidizor;


For refractory raw materials, KT Refractories supplies high quality abrasives and fused mineral products, offering a wide line of standard abrasive grain and specialty electro-fused minerals for many industries and different applications. We distribute abrasives and fused mineral products and refractory raw materials in different grain and powder sizes: Alumina Bubble, Bauxite, Calcium aluminates, Fused Mullite, Fused Zirconia-mullite, Fused Spinel, Fused Zirconia-mullite, White Fused Alumina, Zirconia, etc. New items in stock - 99.3% pure Bubble Alumina 0.2 - 0.5mm diamenter range and 99.3% pure Bubble Alumina 0.5 - 1mm diamenter range

At KT Refractories, we pay attention to our customers' needs, and our business goal is providing the highest quality products and services!

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